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This is general information. The dietary requirements are different in all stages of life and different physiological conditions/disease conditions. Kindly contact us +91 9999155220 for customized diet plans according to you individual status/needs.

best copd nutritionist

For patients with (COPD), meal planning can help to make sure that they are consuming enough of the right kinds of nutrients to power the body’s functions. Some COPD patients find that they become sick while they eat, or right after they eat. This can make them uncomfortable and can make patients more likely to skip meals and avoid eating. But there are ways that COPD patients can avoid or lessen this problem, such as:

Clearing mucus from the airways an hour before eating.

Taking small bites, and progress slowly.

Drinking fluids after the meal

Eating while sitting in an upright position.

Using breathing strategies.

COPD patients are also usually advised to eat 5-6 small meals per day, rather than 3 large meals. Smaller meals require less effort to eat, which can help COPD patients conserve their energy. Having a very full stomach can put pressure on the lungs and breathing muscles, which can make it harder to breathe. Eating smaller meals can also reduce the risk of heartburn and indigestion.